Rectification of trace of Ruta Provincial 191
Performing planial-metric survey with total station and digitization with AutoCAD Civil 3D. Executive project: change of radius of curvature and adjustment of the project grade due to changes in the horizontal geometry. Length adjustment of spiral curves and rectification and improvement in cant rate. Adequacy in design speed, increasing it from 60 kph to 90 kph.
Rectification of curves
Ruta Provincial 11
Topographic survey with total station and optical level. Construction site closure. Executive project carried out in AutoCAD Civil 3D. Widening in 22km of route and rectification of 17 curves, analysis of loan drainage, redesign and relocation of culverts. Improved design speed. Calculation of new superelevation rates with their respective transition length and analysis of stop visibility in grade altimetry.
Roundabout access to Carhué
Made of horizontal and vertical geometry, as well as hydraulic works to guarantee the correct execution of a circular roundabout with an internal diameter of 100 meters at the intersection of Camino 001-07 and Provincial Route 60 in the Adolfo Alsina district, Pcia. De Bs. As. Project carried out using AutoCAD Civil 3D and Autodesk Vehicle Tracking to verify the turning radii of the national road design truck type WB19.


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